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WenDesigns began as Creative Designs in 1991 in the home of our founder Wendy Winstead. Just a few years later, Wendy moved the growing business out of her home and into a small studio that expanded to a store front carrying her favorite lines. A vision of a home-inspired store front led her to design and build a two story manor to showcase her work and collection. A name change came a few years later, incorporating a portion of Wendy's name and personalizing her company. Another element of WenDesigns was born in 2013 when we introduced apparel and women's accessories to our unique home decor. After years of compliments on outfits we were wearing that were purchased at markets, the apparel collection at WenDesigns was born. Wow! We just didn't know how much our customers like our outfits. The apparel quickly became a big part of our retail business. We take pride in knowing the comfortable and stylish appeal we have always had for the home is now evident in styling you as well. This addition to our business led us to desire a more visual retail space bringing us closer to the community. Today WenDesigns resides at Shoppes at Brentwood, bringing Wilson and surrounding areas a unique shopping experience including our newest adventure, Choco~Latte Cafe which is located inside the shop. We invite you to come for a visit and enjoy your favorite coffee drink while you shop for unique home decor, gifts or indulge in our boutique!

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2801 Ward Blvd. Suite 3B Wilson, NC 27893
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